Architectural Details for Our Products Suggested Use

Lightning Flash details are available as CAD files or PDF files. This is an A1 method



Architects love details. God is in the details, Right? This page is designed to supply details in CAD format and in PDF format to architects and builders that might find them useful. Remember, Corner Flash details are designed for recessed window applications. Lightning Flash details are for use with flush mount window installations.

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Toll Brothers Recessed Window Details with Fortishield Warranty:

Window Installation Manual_Toll_2

2017 New Corner Flash details _Sketchup_Auto cad_PDF_Corner Flash Detail Manual (5.3.17) final

Pig Ear Fold detail in PDF format:  —->corner-flash-fold-detail-update2

Pig Ear Fold detail in CAD format: —->  corner-flash-fold-detail-update2-dwg

Lightning Flash A1 method Details in PDF & CAD format:    LF_A1_2016_PDF&DWG

Lightning Flash Method A1 PDF:         :LFP-METHOD A1-011516

Lightning Flash  Method B Details in PDF format:    LFP-METHOD B-011516

Lightning Flash Method B CAD & PDF:                   LF B_2016_PDF and DWG

Lunch? We have Lunch-N-Learn presentations (for Southern California architects) ready  to show you about the correct use of our products. We also discuss wall systems and the lessons we have learned over the years of testing for builders across the United States. Call us to schedule a lunchtime presentation. We will bring sandwiches too!

If you like the photos below, we have the details you need to achieve them!

Corner Flash details are available as CAD files or PDF files.

This is how your pan should look after the sealant is correctly tooled into place.

Corner Flash Products ready for counter flashing

Recessed wall condition counter flashed. The Corner Flash products ensure that the flashing efforts are successful in preventing water intrusion.

Corner Flash products ready for counter flashing

Fortifiber A!_-17 copy

Pan system with Lightning Flash Corners and OSI WinteQ SAF flashing

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