Flashing Corners

It is not uncommon for my office to get a phone call that asks what a Flashing Corner is and why is it important.
Check out this link for why Flashing Corners are important:http://tlslabs.com/tls-labsproducts/why-flashing-corners-are-important/
Check out this link showing how to use flashing corners:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zLVpQreNPeI&feature=youtu.be
Flashing corners provide for transitional flashing: flashing from one geometric plane to another geometric plane.
Flashing corners may be used in many areas of a wall system. Parapet walls, electrical boxes and most commonly window pans.
Energy Star requires window pans under all windows to qualify as an Energy Star home. So Window pans are more important than ever before. Using Flashing Corners is the best way to create a window pan.
Lightning Flash Corners and Lightning Flash XL Corners are ideal for window pans. Lightning Flash Corners are smaller and designed for aluminum and vinyl windows. Lightning Flash XL corners are larger, and may be best under wood windows, commercial windows and doors. The GS 100 series is designed for recessed windows. Click here for examples of recessed windows.
Here are some examples of Flashing Corners:

Lightning Flash XL "A" corner in place for a pan system

Lightning Flash XL "A" corner set in the Rough Opening fro a pan system

The GS 108A has an 8 inch recess return

This is the Lightning Flash Corner Developed by TLS Laboratories

Lightning Flash Corners are perfect for aluminum and vinyl windows.

Lightning Flash corners applied around an electrical box

Lower Lightning Flash Corner in place during pan creation

Lightning Flash Corner in Place

Pan system with Lightning Flash Corners

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