Lightning Flash XL Corners

Lightning Flash XL Corners are a heavy duty & LARGER flashing corner design. They are designed for any type of recessed wall condition or transitional flashing application. They make great window pan corners and door pan corners. They are larger than other corners and measure 4 inches on to the framing sill,  4 inches up each side trimmer and 4 inches on to the vertical wall surface. Will you feel better with a larger flashing corner for more protection? Look no further.

Great for the base of brick wall construction!

Brick Corners LF XL

The New Lightning Flash XL corners may be used with any SAF (peel and stick) flashing product for a long productive life.

Lightning Flash XL Corners are proudly made in the USA! 

  • No Chinese imports here.
  • Gene Summy’s thoughts:  How important is it to you to “Buy American”? Or stated differently, How important is it to you to avoid Cheap Chinese Imports? If these issues are important to you, please consider buying from us. We are “Made in America” and very proud to make this claim. No political statements here…. simply statements and facts. We are American, manufacturing products in America. We believe our value and quality is worth your consideration….. Thanks!

Yes! We have inside corner flashing pieces!

Call 800-310-7673 for pricing or distribution in your area.

Here are some photos of Lightning Flash XL  corners:

Lightning Flash XL  “A” corner

Lightning Flash XL  “B”  inside corner

Lightning Flash XL  “A” and “B” corners in place for a recessed opening

Lightning Flash XL  “A” corner set in the Rough Opening for a pan system

Lightning Flash XL  Corners are widely used on today’s jobsites.

Lightning Flash XL “A” corner in place for a pan system

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