Lightning Flash Corners

TLS Laboratories has developed the Lightning Flash® Flashing Corners for builders that need cost effective window pans under their windows. These corners have been designed with vinyl and aluminum windows in mind. Inexpensive, Very Effective and Easy to use. And these products are Proudly Made In The USA ! (Help us do our part to put America back to Work!). Lightning Flash corners work great with Fortifiber products will be included in the Fortishield warranty by the Fortifiber Building Systems Group. Call for details.

Call 800 310 7673 for pricing and distribution in your area. Ask for Reagan. If you are responding to an e-mail, mention it to Reagan. She will give you something special as a free gift.

Please scroll down to see photos of Lightning Flash corners being used.

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This is the Lightning Flash Corner Developed by TLS Laboratories

Lightning Flash Corner set in place- This provides a STRONG corner that will not fish-mouth when the window is set in place.

The Lightning Flash Corner makes a great Window Pan. The Lightning Flash Corner is under the Water Proof membrane (LF Corner Outlined in Yellow).

Pan system with Lightning Flash Corners- Strong assembly!

Pan system with Lightning Flash Corners and OSI WinteQ SAF flashing

Inside Pan termination is with sealant. This is a very high performance strategy to terminate the inside of the pan.


Lightning Flash Corner used on open nail fin. Lightning Flash Corners easily mount on to the wood window or door

Lightning Flash Corners easily mount on to the wood window or door


Lightning Flash Corners in Practical Application- This is great protection!


Lightning Flash Corners in Practical application-Open corners at French Door.

Lightning Flash Made in the USA




Electric Box without flashing

Lightning Flash corners applied starting the bottom corners.

Lightning Flash top corners applied 1

Lightning Flash top corners applied 2

Top Flashing added

Finished assembly.

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