Builders may hire TLS Laboratories to:

  • Assist in solving homeowner occupied leak problems.
  • Perform as a 3rd party inspector to ensure windows and doors are properly

    Epi Morales and Percy Soria working on a construction job site for a major builder in California

    installed and flashed.

  • Train window and door installers to properly install windows and door using techniques that have been proven to eliminate rain related leaks. See The Synergy Project.
  • Water test homes during the course of construction to ensure the methods and materials used act to repel water away from the home.

TLS Laboratories travels nationally and internationally to assist builders. After the testing is completed, a professionally prepared report is generated that accurately describes the leaks discovered; opinions are given that describe what is

Window Mockup

A TLS Labs mockup at a construction site

necessary to mitigate any problems discovered. Our inspectors will leave a detailed summary of the inspection results with

the field superintendent the day of the inspection. Our testing experts photodocument our testing and actually photograph leaks as they occur. This is useful if documenting who may be responsible for a leak. If arranged for in advance, video will be taken of the testing process; professionally created DVDs may be produced that demonstrate any leaks discovered.

Fees for our services vary upon where the project is located. Testing fees are usually based upon a daily rate plus travel expenses and fees. Please review the list of builders on our testimonials page that have benefitted from our services.

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