TLS Labs works to solve a homeowner's window and door leaks.

TLS Labs works to solve a homeowner's window and door leaks.

We’re proud to say that our reputation preceeds us. It is this reputation that allows us to perform our services in a range of environments from California’s most exclusive residences to more modest homes and condos.

Retro-Fit Windows!

We often see homeowners with Retrofit window leaks. We have learned that many installers do not know how to correctly install this new breed of window. If you have retrofit window leaks, call us today! We can help you.

Gene Summy inspecting a retro-fit window that is installed correctly.


TLS Laboratories is available to help homeowners resolve difficult water intrusion problems. We recreate the problem leak using a methodically applied water spray. The methods used by our field experts will allow us to identify the source (or the sources) of the leak. Once we know the source (or the sources) of the water intrusion, we may prescribe a course of action that will stop the leak from continuing.

TLS Labs works to solve a homeowner's window and door leaks.

Our testing experts photodocument our testing and actually photograph the leak as it occurs. This is useful if insurance reimbursement is possible, or for documenting who may be responsible for a leak. If arranged for in advance, video will be taken of the testing process; professionally created DVDs may be produced that demonstrate any leaks discovered.

After the testing is completed, a professionally prepared report is generated that accurately describes the leaks discovered; opinions are given that describe what is necessary to mitigate the problems. Fees for our services vary upon where the home is located. TLS Laboratories has traveled both nationally and internationally to assist homeowners with leak problems. Testing fees are usually based upon a daily rate plus travel expenses and fees.

TLS Labs will arrive at your home on time and with a professionally equipped work Van

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