Synergy Certification

Synergy CertificationSynergy is defined as the sum of the parts being greater than the whole or something like, 2+2=5. By coordinating the efforts of the builder, the architect and the subcontractors involved far better homes will be built. The Synergy Project strives to accomplish this through training.

Prior to 2009, all training was conducted in a “Seminar” type of environment. Now Synergy Training is available on line! Visit or to learn more!

The beauty of online training is you can learn at your own pace. You can rewind a section and watch it again if you need to. You can cover the material over the course of a few days if you need to. And, a final exam ensures that the material was actually learned. This is a great way for employers to train their employees! Or, require completion of the courses as a hiring tool.


Attendees learn about the Synergy ProjectIn 1998 Gene Summy recognized the value of training window installers. The problem was getting them
together for training. So Gene Summy created the Synergy Window Installation Training Program. He told his large builder clients about the program and they immediately recognized the value. Gene developed a training program that drew upon his testing experiences. The window testing performed by Gene and his teams of window experts have produced many valuable lessons. If these lessons can be taken into the field and taught to the tradespeople, huge benefits may be enjoyed. Over 400 window installers have been trained by Gene Summy and his window testing experts.

The rainy season of 2005 was the wettest in recent history.

Synergy Certification Class

Attendees learn about the Synergy Project

The methods that Gene teaches ELIMINATE rain related leaks often caused by improper installation process. Some of California’s largest builders have utilized the training. Builders that employed the training program had the lowest window leak problems in their company history. Builders reported vast improvements in reducing leaks.

French doors are notorious for leaking and the Synergy Window Installation Program can help in this area as well. Door installers are shown the most common leaks experienced with French doors and how to avoid them. Everyone who attends the class receives a training manual written by Gene Summy especially for this training course. The manual serves a useful reference guide for the trainees after they have been in the field for awhile and need a refresher on the details. After training is complete, a pocket card is issued to the attendees with their photo on it. Installers are required to posess the card at all times. In this way a field superintendent can quickly verify an installers training status.

Gene Summy provides personal training to many builders in California.

Manufacturers can participate in the program by providing builders with a discount if the builder requires the installers are Synergy Certified.

The value of training diminishes without regular inspections. We encourage the builder to have his superintendents and third party inspectors trained in this program as well so that they may properly inspect the projects. TLS Laboratories offers third party window, door and flashing inspections.

Gene Summy and TLS Laboratories worked with Henkel to provide World Class training on the website


Call TLS Labs for training fee schedules.

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