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A TLS Laboratories inspector discovers the source of water intrusion over this window system

Water Testing of Homeowner Occupied Homes

Many times a builder will have failed to identify sources of window or door leaks, resulting in damage to homes and angry homeowners. Some homeowners threaten legal action if the problems are not quickly solved. The important relationship between the builder and the homeowner can quickly deteriorate at this point. TLS Laboratories has talented inspectors who can identify troublesome leak sources while gently dealing with unhappy homeowners. Our employees understand the sensitive nature of the relationship between the builder and the homeowner and strive to supply the needed information that will make the water intrusion problems go away. Homeowners feel like progress is being made and are appreciative of the expert services provided. Our inspectors’ professionalism is quickly recognized to all involved, and something we’re very proud of.

Sometimes homeowners have a builder that is unresponsive to their needs. The homeowner has told the builder that a problem exists, but the builder does not believe it, or cannot respond to it. The homeowner can hire TLS Laboratories as window and door testing experts to demonstrate their problems. They take the report and photographs to the builder to prove that a problem exists, and merits attention. Thereby proving that action is required of the builder to resolve the issue.

Expert Witness Services

Qualified window experts are difficult to find, and TLS Labs’ owner, Gene Summy is a consummate professional in this field. Gene is available to serve the legal community as an expert witness and has demonstrated his value in numerous cases. He is as comfortable in front of 300 people as he is in front of one homeowner. He has the unparalleled ability to assemble teams of window testing experts that seek out and prove where leak sources exist. Both plaintiff and defense find these services invaluable. His industry experience has allowed him to interact with all players of a window transaction including:

TLS Labs Inspection Crew

Gene Summy (far right) and one of his teams of inspectors.

  • Manufacturers
  • Distributors
  • Dealers
  • Contractor
  • Installers
  • Customers



Water testing during the course of construction (Third Party Inspections)

Many builders have recognized that the insights of TLS Laboratories will help them build better homes. By performing water testing during the course of construction, builders can avoid costly repairs in the future. Many builders use TLS Laboratories to inspect and water test their communities for just this purpose. Responsible builders understand the value of building fine homes that do not leak. TLS Laboratories will help builders avoid leaks that result from window, door and flashing failures.

Approving Product Selection

Builders send windows and doors to TLS Laboratories for approval prior to accepting a bid. Builders have learned the value of getting bids from qualified suppliers. Simply going with the lowest bid can be a recipe for disaster. We ensure that the windows and doors being quoted meet stringent performance requirements prior to a builder accepting a bid.

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