Reports are created with photographs that document the problems discovered. Photographs like these have assisted builders in understanding the problems at hand and the solutions necessary.

Reverse laps at radius windows are common discoveries during inspections


This is a sight no builder wants during the rainy season

Recessed windows can be very expensive when they are incorrectly flashed


Recessed window is important; when it is wrong it is expensive

This is the worst sealant application on a window we have ever seen.

The side flashing was seamed together with a 1 inch lap.... Sad but true.

This nail came up through the sill. Why? Wood trim picture framed the window outside. A nail hit a window installation nail and turned upwards.

Buttering sealant flat is important before it hardens. Otherwise subsequent building materials do not lay correctly; stucco will be thinner than desired.

Door Pan damage is a common leak source we discover during rainy seasons.

Reverse Laps below windows are common problems discovered in 3rd party inspections

Cracked nail fins will allow water to enter the home. This one is especially bad.

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