Gene Summy’s thoughts:  How important is it to you to “Buy American”? Or stated differently, How important is it to you to avoid Cheap Chinese Imports? If these issues are important to you, please consider buying from us. We are “Made in America” and very proud to make this claim. No political statements here…. simply statements and facts. We are American, manufacturing products in America. We believe our value and quality is worth your consideration….. Thanks!

TLS Laboratories has helped to develop 3 product families that are distributed nationwide:

Corner Flash GS series– Especially designed for recessed window openings. These accept a slope at the lower edge of the recessed opening.

Lightning Flash Flashing Corners– Especially designed for window pans and other transitional flashing needs. Electrical outlets and open nail fin corner problems are easily solved with Lightning Flash!

Lightning Flash XL– These are heavy duty corners for heavy duty applications. These work well for recessed openings that do not have a slope at the lower edge. They work great for window and door pans. The are great at the base of brick walls too!

TLS Laboratories works with major building material suppliers to develop products specific for their needs.


The Fortifiber Building Systems Group added a product to their extensive line of terrific products.

Look at Moistop Rigid CornerShield: Moistop Rigid CornerShield

Please support Fortifiber and TLS Laboratories by asking your local construction supply outlets about this great product! Ask for Moistop Rigid CornerShield!


Rainbuster is a supplier of excellent products that assist in flashing windows and doors.

Look at the 425A and 425B products: Rainbuster

Benjamin Obdyke

Benjamin Obdyke is a supplier of excellent products that help manage water away from walls.

Look at HydroCorner : HydroCorner


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