Water Testing and Investigations-Commercial Projects

Hanover_AZ_-37 Hanover_AZ_-14 Hanover_AZ_-27TLS Laboratories routinely provides water testing and investigation services to professional builders that want to test their projects during construction to ensure their methods and materials work correctly.

We use ASTM E 1105, AAMA 502, AAMA 511 and AAMA 501 routinely as our testing references. All of our team members come from the field and have many years of industry experience. (No Simply Booksmart Geeks here! :->) .

Our construction projects enrich the knowledge base of the TLS Labs teams to help them better understand what they may be looking at when they are in an owner occupied home or business years after construction is completed.

Here are some photos of these projects you may enjoy!

TLS Labs teams travel in professional vans that are fully equipped to investigate and test any project.

Testing after repairs have been made is a great way to close the loop on a project. It help ensure the windows are ready for the next big rain.

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