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Please take a look at our Newest product. This is the GSWP Window Pan. We developed the GSWP System after all the leaks we saw during the 1st few months of 2017.

Special Thanks to Tayler, Adam, Grant and Shawn…..


Our firm helps homebuilders, architects and homeowners prevent and manage water intrusion issues. We provide expert advice utilizing industry best practices in product selection, installation methods, and installer training. Our professional investigations will determine the source(s) of any water intrusion that may exist.


Products. American made. Look at this.

We manufacture Corner Flash Products and other products for major building material suppliers under our patented flashing system. Would you like details? Click here.

Watch this video (Approved and endorsed by The Fortifiber Systems Group) on how to use Corner Flash™:

We are proud to work with major manufacturers like Fortifiber. Check out this press release about Moistop Rigid CornerShield:

Moistop Rigid CornerShield

Experience, Honesty and Professionalism

No other organization has the real world experience of the TLS Laboratories team. We have diagnosed and solved more leaks, in more different types of buildings than any other organization that we are aware of.

As our existing clients can attest, we always deliver a concise and professional evaluation of each project. Whether on site for a large home builder, a major window manufacturer, working at a private residence, or providing professional witness services to the legal community, you can depend on our open honest assessment of your situation.

Inspection Services, Products and Training Solutions

TLS Labs provides in-field forensic leak investigation & detection for commercial and residential buildings. We are experts in leak investigation during the course of construction or in owner occupied homes. Many professional builders rely upon us to help them with owner occupied leak problems. We can find the leak, determine the source and help determine who is responsible.

Products – We even have own patented flashing system called Corner Flash™. It is a three dimensional flashing product that takes the guesswork out of flashing recessed or inset windows. Corner Flash™ and our method of installation have been thoroughly tested and proven to effectively flash recessed windows.

Lightning Flash  Flashing Corners. These corners make cost effective window pans. These are specially designed for vinyl and aluminum window pan creation.


Additionally, TLS Labs offers the industry leading Synergy Project to train and certify builders using our techniques. The Synergy Project is a program designed to train contractors and their employees to properly install windows and doors. Using our products and time-tested installation methods builders can deliver homes with a flashing system that eliminates rain related leaks. The Henkel/OSI/Wenteq Corporation engaged TLS Laboratories to provide their national video training. Winteq.SynergyCertifications certifies their window and door installers nationwide!

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